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NASA will send a drone to Saturn's largest moon

NASA will send a drone to Saturn's largest moon For its next mission in our solar system, NASA plans to fly a drone copter to saturn's largest moon TITAN in search of building blocks of life. The dragonfly mission which will launch in 2026 and land in 2034 will send a rotorcraft to fly to dozens of locations across the icy moon which has a substantial atmosphere and is viewed by scientist as an equivalent of early-era earth. Why Saturn? It is the only celestial body besides our planet known to have liquid rivers, lakes and seas on its surface. Though these contain hydrocarbons like methane and ethane not water. This cutting-edge mission would have been unthinkable even just a few years ago but we are now ready for dragonflies amazing flight. What it will discover? NASA said the vehicle would have 8 routers and fly like a large drone. During its 2.7 year baseline mission, Dragonfly will explore diverse and environments from organic dunes to the floor of an impact cr

Why old people fall so often and how this can be prevented

Why old people fall so often and how this can be prevented Maya walked everyday with her friends. These were the same friends who had rallied  around her after her husband passed away,  and they were a constant source of support to her. Despite this, when the 64- year-old had a few giddy spells, especially in the mornings, she didn't discuss it with them. In fact, she thought nothing of them at all. Maya  just put it down to by-product of old age. But one day, she slipped in the bathroom and fell unconscious. When she came to, she found she had a fractured her hip. She had to go in for surgery that left her depressed and confined to her bed. Maya is not only one. Studies have shown that one in three elders above the age of 60 fall every year and injure themselves and the number increase with increase in age. A fall in consequence of what is known as the Geriatric Giants, a term indicating that drastic effect old age can have on the quality of life. The joints are frailty, sa

Why smoking is worse for women's health?

This is a serious and unique public health issue with an enormous consequence not only for women's health but also for their families. Women's not only share most of the health risk of smoking with men (such as cancer of the lungs and gastrointestinal tract) but also face additional health hazards like adverse pregnancy outcomes and increase cardiovascular risk.                              Here are four health effects of smoking that made it worse for women.   1. Smoking affects fertility and hurts the unborn baby Why blow it up in smoke? Women smokers are at greater risk of infertility. They may face difficulty in conceiving, suffer miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies. They may give birth to pre-term low weight or Intra-Uterine growth restriction babies, as the nicotine from tobacco reduces the placental blood flow and impedes fetal brain development. According to many gynecologists, the risk of stillbirth, neonatal death ,and Sudden Infant Death