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How to tamper data of a website using Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a tool developed by Portswigger, which is used for penetration testing of web applications. We can perform lots of tasks using burp suite like modification, brute force attack, crawling, etc. It is generally used by security researchers to check possible vulnerability in a website. In this post we will show you how to tamper data of a website using Burp Suite. Tamper data of a website using Burp Suite in just 15 steps! Step 1: Open Burp Suite Community edition in your computer. Step 2: A dashboard will open like this, Go to "Proxy" option present at third number. Step 3: After opening Proxy Tab, click on "interception" button to turn it on. Step 4: Now go to your browser (here Mozilla Firefox) then go to proxy setting to change “Manual Proxy configuration” from “User system Proxy setting” .  It’s very important to set proxy at same IP and Port as that of Burp Suite, only then Burp Suite will be able to intercept packets. Moreover, Burp Suite will