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10 Signs You're Talking to a Fake Friend

"Have you notice a smile on their face when you disclose any failure or their face become dull when you tell your achievements" . This post hopefully will serve as a wake up call for some out there. Life is difficult by design, so the last thing you want are people holding you down and making it even more difficult than it already is. Keep in your mind your closest so-called friends and evaluate how well they behave in certain situations as we go down this list.  1. They don't support your vision and they put you down REAL FRIENDS- Real friends call you out on your bullshit and support you when you are doing something right. This is probably the best sign to diagnose your relationship. They are supposed to know you better than anyone else. FAKE FRIENDS- If they don't encourage you to pursue your goals and instead try to put you down, well you've got a fake friend on your hands. They will say things like "You can't do it" they w