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Polymer Chemistry: 5 Types of Classification of Polymers

What is a Polymer? Polymers are defined as macromolecules having high molecular mass (10^3-10^7 u) substances in which each molecule consists of a very large number of the simple repeating structural unit (monomers) joined together through covalent bonds in a regular fashion. The simple and reactive molecules from which the repeating structural units are derived are called monomers and the process by which these simple molecules (monomers) are converted into the polymer is called polymerization. For Example: Classification of Polymers Polymers are classified in many ways: 1. Classification based upon the source of availability Depending upon the source from which they are obtained, polymers are broadly divided into the following three classes: 1. Natural Polymers Polymers that are directly found in nature that is in animals and plants are called natural polymers. For example:   (a) Proteins which make up our body. (b) Nucleic acids which control heredity at the molecular level. (c) Ce