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10 Believable Myths About Coronavirus that will Shock You

Globally 80,980 people are infected and 3,000 have died due to new coronavirus and some myths are traveling on the Internet which are fake. So, here are some myth busters: 1. Receiving packages from china is not safe This is false. Receiving packages from china is 100% safe as coronavirus cannot survive long on objects like letters, boxes, toys, etc. 2. Pets can spread coronavirus As of now, there is no such case reported but it is advisable to wash your hands after contact with animals/pets as bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella can pass between pets and humans. 3. Eating Garlic can prevent you from coronavirus Garlic is healthy food but there is no evidence till now that Garlic can protect you from new coronavirus. 4. Putting sesame oil will block coronavirus entering in the body This is not true. Sesame oil has little or no impact on coronavirus and it is very dangerous to put such things on skin. Some disinfectants can kill the COVID-19 only on the surface. T

10 Steps to Qualify JEE and NEET in 30 Days

Qualifying in one of the most challenging and toughest engineering and medical entrance exams such as JEE and NEET is a dream cherished by millions of aspirants that aim to become an engineer or a doctor. And with a huge surge in the number of applicants every year, the competition has increased manifold making it a lot harder for applicants to reach their goal. Given below are some valuable tips that can help students to prepare well and in a limited time. All they need to do is adopt a focused and prepare in the right way. 1. Focus on Exam Pattern It is imperative for students to know the exam pattern to understand the specifies of the exam paper such as number of questions, type of questions, weightage, segregation of questions as per marks,important questions, etc. Knowledge of the exam formats helps understand the structure of the exam as they can begin by attempting the questions they are familiar with, thereby saving a lot of time for difficult ones. 2. Avoid