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Water Pollution and it's Types, Causes, Effects and Prevention

Water is a basic need for humans, it is used in household works, industry, and agriculture. We need fresh and clean water for our daily activities like drinking, washing, etc. But unfortunately, natural water from rain, rivers, and ground get contaminated causing health hazards. Water pollution has many types; it may be seawater pollution, groundwater pollution, etc. So, here is complete information about water pollution; it's types, causes, effects, sources and preventive measures. Water gets polluted in the following ways: 1. Natural Factors Yes, water can get polluted by natural factors like washing away of the decomposed vegetables, animal waste, and mixing of soil. 2. Human Factors Water can get polluted by many anthropogenic activities like the discharge of industrial waste, domestic waste, use of fertilizer in crops, etc. These factors are way much harmful than natural factors. Definition of Water Pollution The addition of external impurities in water wh

Cyber Warfare: Is India Ready?

Cyber Warfare: Definition and Introduction As the name suggests cyber warfare is the modern war between two nations using technology as a weapon causing significant harm to the security systems of a country. Though there is a debate on the actual definition of cyber warfare , it can be anything that disrupts the computer systems of hospitals, armed forces, institutions, security agencies, etc of the enemy country. Cyber warfare doesn’t need big armies, weapons, aircraft, tanks but needs only handful people that can create chaos in the enemy country by sitting thousands of kilometers away. China, Russia, and Israel are creating cyber armies that can easily penetrate the security systems of enemy countries. Effects of Cyber Warfare On 11 February 2013 people of Great Falls, Montana all of sudden received a message on their TV screens that “Dead Bodies are rising from graves”. This news sounds authentic to people and only four people contacted police regarding this hoa

Emulsions: Definition, Preparation, Working, Types, Properties, Application, and Harmful Effects

A colloidal dispersion in which both the dispersed phase and the dispersion medium are in the liquid state is called Emulsion . Both liquids are immiscible. For Example: vanishing cream, cod liver oil, etc. Preparation Method of Emulsion An emulsion can be prepared by vigorously shaking the mixture of two liquids or passing it through a colloid mill, known as a homogenizer. The emulsions which are prepared from pure liquids are not much stable and both get separated at rest position. So, to get a stable emulsion, some special substances or chemicals are added in small quantities. The substances which are added to stabilize the emulsion is called emulsifiers or emulsifying agents. Examples of Emulsifiers/ Emulsifying agent various soaps. Long-chain sulphonic acids. lyophilic colloids such as proteins and gum. How do Emulsifiers Work? The working of an emulsifier can be explained with the example of soap as an emulsifying agent. Soap is a salt of higher fatty ac

5 Indian Ways to Boost Your Immune System at Home

The immune system of our body is a defense system that protects us from various infections and diseases like cold, hair loss, skin problems, cough, etc. Do you know, In a day lot of bad bacteria enter our body but killed by our immune system? A healthy immune system means a healthy body. So here are 5 Indian ways to boost your immunity at home: 1. Ashwagandha Ashwagandha is an Indian herb whose properties are so powerful that it has been nicknamed Indian Gem. Ashwagandha can instantly boost your immune system. Take 1 glass of lukewarm milk and add 1 tablespoon of Ashwagandha powder into it. The best time to have it is 1 hour before going to sleep at night. If you have a problem with lactose intolerance (Milk digestion problem) then simply replace it with water.  Buy Ashwangandha Powder 2. Giloy Giloy which is also known as Amrita helps to detoxify your body. It removes the toxins, purifies the blood, and inhibits the growth of bad bacteria. Take 1 glass