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Information Warfare and it's Types

What is Information warfare? Information warfare is a type of warfare that includes the use of information and communication technology to gain tactical and strategic advantage against the opponent. Information warfare technique is widely used by government or military to spread propaganda and disinformation against the opponent government or a country.  Information warfare reduces the operational cost of traditional weapons instead it utilizes the internet and network to spread disinformation into cyberspace. Types of information warfare 1. Personal Information warfare Personal information warfare is the art of obtaining the personal information of an individual without his knowledge or consent. This is done to steal personal information like name, age, work, and location and use it for unfair means methods to steal personal information are password checking, DNS attacks, malware attacks, DoS attack, etc. 2. Corporate information warfare Corporate information warfare is the act of

Cybersecurity and it's Types

What is Cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computers, software, data, etc from hackers and malicious attackers. Cybersecurity is also known as Information security as all the information stored in computer and servers need to be secured.  Cybersecurity is essential because nowadays every organization like government, corporate, financial, medical, etc uses the Internet and computers. So, the chances of a security breach are high in them. Cybersecurity can be divided into the following categories: 1. Network security Network security is the process of protecting computers, mobile, etc connected to a network. For example, Network security is essential because nowadays every computer device or IoT device is connected to the internet or other Public/Private network. Hackers can use this network to penetrate these devices and compromise their security. 2. Application Security Application security is the process of protecting the computer applications like web bro

Transportation Injuries in Forensic Medicine

Introduction to Transportation Injuries These injuries are blunt force injuries that happen due to traveling on the ground, air, and water. The most common transportation injuries are motor and pedestrian injuries. Following are the various transportation injuries: Types of Transportation Injuries A) Vehicular Injuries These injuries are blunt force injuries that happen due to traveling on the ground either walking and being hit by some car or simply driving a car and crashing it. Those injured by accidents can be divided into three broad groups that are pedestrians, cyclists (Pedal or motor), and the drivers/passenger of vehicles. 1. Pedestrian Injuries (i) Primary Impact Injuries These injuries are produced when any part of the victim first strikes the vehicle. Generally, when an adult is hit by the front of a car, the front bumper will strike the victim at about knee level. This will help to establish the position of the victim and in crime scene reconstruction. The position of the