Information Warfare and it's Types

What is Information warfare?

Information warfare is a type of warfare that includes the use of information and communication technology to gain tactical and strategic advantage against the opponent. Information warfare technique is widely used by government or military to spread propaganda and disinformation against the opponent government or a country. 

Information warfare reduces the operational cost of traditional weapons instead it utilizes the internet and network to spread disinformation into cyberspace.

Types of information warfare

1. Personal Information warfare

Personal information warfare is the art of obtaining the personal information of an individual without his knowledge or consent.

Personal Information warfare

This is done to steal personal information like name, age, work, and location and use it for unfair means methods to steal personal information are password checking, DNS attacks, malware attacks, DoS attack, etc.

2. Corporate information warfare

Corporate information warfare is the act of obtaining sensitive/confidential information of an organization like government departments, universities, financial companies, etc which their permission and using it for unfair works like targeting the reputation of a company. 

Corporate information warfare

In this type of information warfare, not only the data of the company but also the data of their clients get leaked and misused.

3. Global information warfare

Global information warfare happens between two enemy states or countries. This is sometimes also called information terrorism.

Global information warfare

It is done to harm national assets and steal highly sensitive data. Website defacement (unauthorized modification of the content of a website), semantic attacks, and DNS attacks are some examples of methods used for global information warfare.

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