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Busting COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

Covid 19 vaccines are the most awaited products of 2021 but unfortunately, there is a lot of fake information circulating on social media regarding the efficacy of covid 19 vaccines. So, here I tried to debunk some myths with facts and scientific evidence. # Myth 1: I have already recovered from covid 19, I don't need a vaccine. Fact: People who have recovered from covid 19 need to be vaccinated considering the possibility of getting covid 19 infection again. Some studies suggest that antibodies generated after covid 19 infection do not last very long and the chances of getting re-infected with covid 19 increase. Thus, it is advisable to get vaccinated as it offers better protection from coronavirus than natural immunity. # Myth 2: Covid 19 vaccine was rolled out so early, so its effectiveness and safety cannot be trusted. Fact: Studies show that covid 19 vaccines are 95% effective and safe for use. Covid 19 vaccines are rolled out early in the market due to the early development p