How to Prevent Australian Bushfires from Happening Again?

Australian bushfires are caused by increasing atmospheric temperature, hotness, and dryness which is caused by climate change. Australian bushfires have killed almost 800 people since 1851 and billions of animals. So, the the real question arise that "How we can prevent Australian bushfires from happening again and again or it will kill same number of people and animals every year". So, in this post, I talked about workable steps to prevent  Australian bushfires from happening again.

Australian Bushfires

1) National methods to prevent Australian Bushfires in the future

1. Moving away from fossil fuels

According to the International Energy Agency, Australia is 4th largest exporter of coal and natural gas. Coal is responsible for 72% Green House Gas (GHG) emission in Australia which leads to a rise in global temperature in the summer season. This makes the environment drier and hotter which is the main reason for forest fires.

Recently, the Australian government approved Adani’s coal mine project known as Carmichael mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. So, the government should not permit any new coal mine because it will lead to a deterioration of natural habitat and promotes coal energy in the country.

We know that a major chunk of the Australian economy depends upon the export of coal but the government must invest more money in renewable sources of energy like solar and wind energy to reduce global temperature. Switching to nuclear power is another good option if we can minimize the cost of building nuclear power reactors.

2. Changes in agricultural, forestry, and other land-use practices

Changes in land use have great potential to reduce carbon emissions in Australia. For example: From 2000 to 2005, the burning of tropical forests in Australia responsible for 14% of all CO2 emission which leads to climate change and of course uncontrolled Australian bushfires.

Field in Australia

So, the government should amend environmental laws to stop illegal burning of the forest because till now Australian environmental laws have many vulnerabilities and loopholes which act as a plus point for suspects to escape from courts.

Also, there should be changes in agricultural practices to reduce methane emission, one possible solution is to add feed additives which could reduce these emissions by 30%.

3. Geoengineering

Geoengineering is a modern approach to tackle climate change. The Australian government should focus more on geoengineering during the peak summer season when the mean temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius.

One such method is to inject sulfates into the atmosphere which will stop up to 1% of solar radiation from reaching to the earth's surface. This plan is called Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Change (SPICE) which can help to cool the atmosphere by 0.5 degrees Celsius up to 18 months.

This process should repeatedly be done before the Australian bushfires season is approaching.

4. Free Riding

Delhi model can be implemented in Australia by proving free public transport rides to people which will encourage the use of public transport and effectively reduce GHG from the atmosphere.

Public Transport

So now a question arises, will free-riding affect the economy of the country? Probably not, because annual Australian bushfires hit harder on the economy. During Australian bushfires the country has to bear the extra cost of manpower, fire units, aircraft, houses, etc. but if Australia invests this money in providing free ride in public transport than a lot of money could be saved.

5. Global Geopolitics

Under the Paris Climate Agreement, Australia pledged to cut emission by 26% on 2005 levels by 2030 which is very low and not expected by a developed country like Australia.

It should fulfill its promises made in international climate agreements and summits like the Paris agreement, the Kyoto protocol, etc. Australia should introduce bold steps like a carbon tax on companies whose annual GHG emission exceeds a permissible limit.

2) Individual and community methods to prevent Australian Bushfires in future

1. Create awareness in people

Common Australian people are responsible for climate change and Australian bushfires, not any government or political party. They are living a non-eco-friendly lifestyle which leads to climate change.

Awareness among people illustration

So, they have to spread awareness among Australian people through social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. On weekends they can go in our locality to perform stage plays and drama to give messages of horrible consequences of Australian bushfires.

2. Get politically active and vote

Australian people should select their leaders who will focus on the development of the country as well environment. In my opinion PM of Australia, Scott Morrison is not doing enough for well being of the environment. His government is promoting coal exports which increase GHG emissions.

3. Redevelop forests again and take care of wild animals

During Australian bushfires in 2019, 18 million hectares of land are burnt and wildlife is affected. So, people should help to redevelop forests again by not going for wild hunting, picnic, trekking, etc in forests.

They should also minimize the consumption of meat and eggs of animals. All in all, they have to create a positive atmosphere so that wildlife and forest can take birth again.

4. Use energy wisely

To cut down the usage of coal energy in Australia, people have to switch themselves to modern sources of energy like wind and solar energy.

5. Plant trees

We can plant some sapling on the affected land. On weekends if we motivate our friends and family members than we can reconstruct the whole forest again.

3) National plans to mitigate the losses to the people and the biodiversity by Australian Bushfires.

1. Provide adequate compensation to victims

The Australian government should provide adequate compensation to firefighters and people who have suffered losses in Australian bushfires, Nearly 30 people killed and 3000 homes are destroyed, so the government should introduce a scheme to build new houses of victims and give ex gratia to the family of martyred firefighters.

2. Reconstruct the forests

Australian bushfires destroyed around 18 million hectares of land. So, the government with the help of local tribes and people should reconstruct the old forests and shelters for animals.

The government can introduce a volunteer scheme in which school children, tribes, common people can contribute to planting trees, saplings, etc in forests. They should increase the intensity and cycle of artificial rain so that the forest can redevelop itself again.

3. Take care of endangered animals

Billions of animals got killed in Australian bushfires including acting endangered koala. So, the government to provide them artificial habitat like botanical gardens, zoos, biodiversity parks, etc so that they can get a natural habitat for some time to increase their number again.

Koala Australian Bushfires

Also, the government should conduct a full fledge survey of all animals, birds, and insects to find their actual population after Australian bushfires and endangered species should be kept in mating centers and parks also that they can increase their number again.

4. Impose a full-time ban on deforestation

Every country needs trees for medicines, furniture, fruits, etc and it’s also essential for the economy of a country. But in the case of Australia, they should introduce a full-time ban on deforestation as they had suffered a huge loss during Australian bushfires.


They can import woods from other neighboring countries to full fill their needs but they should take strict action against illegal cutting of trees only then forest can revive.

5.Developing special hospitals for injured animals

The government can build special hospitals and clinics for injured animals which should be located near forests. Animals should be provided adequate treatment so that they can come out from the shock of such a bad accident.

4) Individual and Communal to mitigate the losses to the people and the biodiversity by Australian Bushfires

1. Help authorities

We can help Australian authorities by raising donations and moral supports. Many organizations are accepting donations that will directly go for the treatment of animals, firefighters, rehabilitation of animals, etc.

2. Adopt an Animal

Yes, people can adopt friendly animals like Koala which are most affected by Australian bushfires. They can give them treatment, food, water, nature at their home. After they get fully revived by the accident they can send them back to the forest which is their original home.

3. Help in planting trees

People during their free time can go with their friends and family members to plant trees and sapling which will help to reconstruct forests fast. They can avoid picnic, trekking, tour or any work which can disturb the wildlife of affected areas.

4. Providing facilities to people who are working

People who can’t raise finances or any other help can contribute themselves by providing basic facilities like food, water, sanitation, etc to firefighters or works who are working to revive the old forests.

So these were the detailed steps to prevent Austrilian bushfires from happening again. If you like it then do share it with your loved ones...


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