Phases of Incident Response Plan in Cybersecurity

An Incident response plan contains a series of phases that address a suspected data breach. Each phase contains some set of instructions that should be followed while implementing an incident response plan.

Phases of Incident Response Plan 

Phases of Incidence Response Plan

1. Preparation 

This is the first phase of the incident response plan. In this phase, we ensure that the employees are properly trained and ready to deal with any security incident. We assign incidence response roles and responsibilities to each employee according to his skill. Also, in this phase, we conduct mock security, incidents in order to evaluate the capabilities of employees.

2. Identification

In this phase, we identify the security incident on an organization's computer system. We also check how many systems are affected and their severity level. We also try to find out the source of that attack and analyze its degree of input on our computer systems and network.

3. Containment

In this phase, we ensure that the breach does not spread and cause further damage to the organization. This is ensured by isolating the affected computer system from the network and securing the other systems on the network. We also create a backup of the file so that the data does not get lost forever.

4. Eradication

Once the security incident is identified and the affected system is isolated, we eradicate the malware or code injected into it. We take help from the antivirus which detects and remove the malware from the system. We also apply patches in the security and update the systems.

5. Recovery

This is the process of restoring and returning affected systems and devices back into the business environment. During this time, it's important to get the systems and business operations up and running again without fear of another breach.

6. Lesson learned 

This is the last phase of the Incident response plan in which we hold meeting with all incident response teams and discuss the findings and lessons learned from the security breach. Here, we also analyze and document everything about the breach.

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