100 Random Fun Facts That Will Make You Say OMG !!

DO You Know The Weight Of Bacteria On You?
DO You Know Cost of Charging Your Phone In a Year?
DO You Know You Scientifically Born 11 Months Ago?
DO You Know The Weight of Your Brain?

100 Random Fun Facts That Will Make You Say OMG

If your answer is 'NO' then you are at right place. Here we present you 100 random fun facts that will make you say only one word "OMG" !! ( #43 will blow your mind ) 

1. Adding Vodka to your shampoo can strengthen your hair, prevents day scalp and stop Dandruff.

2. An Electric Shock to a person's brain can greatly improve their 'Maths skills' for upto 6 months.

3. The first word spoken on the Internet was 'LO'. It was supposed to be Login but the computer Crashed after the first two letters.

4. Reading a book Bedtime can improve a child's brain function, imagination, and make a child more empathetic.

5. Li-Fi is hundred times faster than Wi-Fi and uses light instead of Radio Frequencies.

6. There is a giant statue of Jesus in Poland that distributes Wi-Fi to nearby towns.

7. India will send First man to space by 2022, ISRO get approval of Rs. 10,000 crore mission called Gaganyaan. It will make us the fourth nation to put humans into space after Russia, USA and China.

8. Shark eggs are Translucent.

9. Misophonia is a condition in which you are easily Annoyed or Angered by little things. Such as a person who eats or breathes too loudly.

10. If you are ever Embarrassed about a mistake, just remember, In 1999, NASA lost its $125- million Mars climate orbiter because spacecraft engineers mistook kilogram and pounds.

11. China builds World's tallest Air Purifier. The 100 meter high Anti-smog tower can produce about 10 million cubic meters of Fresh Air everyday.

12. Polar bears could eat as many as 86 Penguins in a single sitting.

13. There is a Rich family in U.K who is ready to pay Rs. 72 lakh if you travel with them and Click their vacations pics.

14. The annual number of worldwide Shark bites is 10 times less than the number of people bitten by other people in New York

15. Frozen Methane bubbles in lake Baikal, the deepest lake on earth.

16. A cafe in Japan is hiring Paralyzed people to control robot servers in order for them to still make an income.

17. Due to excess use of plastic water bottles. Scientists have developed a new way of storing water. It is "Water Bubble". It turns into water when he keep it in our mouth.

18. Dimple are in fact Genetic Defects, as muscles grow incorrectly and leave a gap between them.

19. Stephen Hawking once said humanity won't survive without leaving earth. In fact humans may have less than 200 years to figure out how to escape earth.

20. The Death Adder has the fastest strike of any snake in the world. It can attack, inject venom, and go back to striking position in under 0.15 seconds.

21. Dubai is making world's first climate controlled city 2.25 times the size of Monaco.

22. It is believed that lines on your palm can say something about your future, this is not true. These lines are Natural Skin Fold and can't say about your future.

23. Dolphins have "Bromances" in which two males may pair up for as long as 15 years and help each other for Hook Up with females.

24. There is a road in France that can be only used twice a day for a few hours. Then it disappears under 13 feet of water.

25. The 'Butterflies' you get in your stomach when you see someone like you is actually a stress responsive hormone called Adrenaline.

26. Chameleon skin is made up of tiny, mirror -like crystals that reflect different levels of light, allowing it to change color.

27. When the dinosaurs were alive, there were 370 days in a year.

28. Studying hard for 30 to 35 minutes at a time with 10 minutes breaks in between is the most effective way to study.

29. Researchers have developed a way to 3D Print living skin, complete with blood vessels. The advancement is a significant step towards creating crafts that are more like the Skin that our bodies produce naturally.

30. The Apollo 11 had about 20 seconds of fuel left when it landed.

31. Android OS was originally developed as a platform for digital cameras.

32. You could fly around the world 531 times during the lifespan of a LED light bulb.

33. You can now orbit the earth in a balloon for $75,000 per seat . World view Enterprises allow passengers to spend two hours at an altitude of 100,000 feet, where they will be able to see the blackness of space and the curvature of earth.

34. Blazers are super-massive Black holes emitting powerful jets of ionized matter traveling at nearly the speed of light and pointed directly at earth. They are the most Luminous and Energetic objects in the known Universe.

35. There is a mass reservoir of water floating in space that holds 140 trillion times more water the world's ocean.

36. A study showed that when people drink coffee from a White mug, they think it tastes stronger than coffee in a dark colored mug.

37. Riftah Sharook invented 'The world's lightest satellite' which has been approved by the NASA to send into space.

38. Owls have Long Legs, they are just hidden below feathers.

39. Water and bleach in a coke bottle reflects and refracts light, creating a 55 watt light bulb

40. Squirrels use their tails as a Umbrella to protect themselves from snow and rain.

41. A very rare medical condition in which the victim has two pupils in their eyes. It is known as PUPULA DUPLEX.

42. Bulls don't actually hate the red color. In bull fights, they charge at the cape because of the motion it makes when the matador waves it. The reason the capes are red is to mask the bloodstains from the fight.

43. The Moon, Venus and Jupiter will be aligned to  form a Smiley Face in May 16,2020.

44. The first known cell phone virus, 'Cabir' which was appeared in 2004.

45. Rainbows can appear at night. they are called Moon-Bows and occur when the moon is brighter than usual.

46. Emojis were invented by Shigetaka Kurita in Japan in 1999.

47. The "Drink  Eight Glasses of water a day" advance came from a 1945 recommendation that had no medical basis.

48. The world has 422 trees for every person. India has just 28 trees per person. China 130, USA 699, RUSSIA 4826, Singapore and Saudi Arabia has less than one tree per head.

49. Since the introduction of the Smart-Phone, Depression rates among teens have increased by more than 60% and Suicide rate have increased by 56%.

50. One of the first official languages for a computer was Plankalul, develop by Kinrad Zuse between 1943 and 1945.

51. Beekeepers are advised not to eat Bananas because it releases the same pheromones that alert Bees to attack.

52. The First Gigabyte hard drive was introduced by IBM and weighed 249.5 Kg with a price of USD $44000 in 1980.

53. If the earth stops for 1 second and you are not a belt- buckle on the earth, you will fall down and roll 800 MPH East.

54. Smart lock claim to be world's first smart fingerprint padlock was hacked in seconds with a smart-phone.

55. Nearly half of the Airplane Pilots admit to falling asleep during a flight. 29% of them said they woke up and saw the other pilot Asleep as well.

56. Have you ever wondered, that maybe the Solar System which we live in, could be just another massive atom?

57. If humans Killed each other at the same rate that we kill animals, we would Extinct in 17 days.

58. Whenever you are Curious about something, write it down. This way, whenever you are Bored you will have an entire list of things to learn about.

59. Writing something out is the memory equivalent of Reading it seven times. A good tip to know when studying.

60. There are only 20,000 African lions left. In 1998, there were as many as 300,000.

61. Rice is the oldest food that we still eat today.

62. Pink Himalayan salt is one of the most Expensive salts in the world. It can be 20 times more costly than ordinary table salt.

63. When Poisonous frogs are fed zero diet, they stop being poisonous. The wide variety of food in the wild supplies them with the chemicals for making poison.

64. You can Sneeze faster than a Cheetah can run.

65. Humans are just one of the estimated 8.7 million species on earth.

66. Apple creates much pollution that every year more than 30,000 kids suffer Breathing Problems just because apple products.

67. Mosquitoes are the only creatures responsible for the deaths of more humans than humans themselves.

68. You can hear a blue whale's Heartbeat from two miles away.

69. Bats in the US eat so many insects that they save an estimated $23 Billion every year on pesticides.

70. Jaguars have such powerful jaws that they kill their Prey by biting into the brain directly through their skull.

71. SONY had developed a new wearable air conditioner that you can wear inside your clothes.

72. There is enough plastic waste on the earth to create another Pluto sized planet.

73. A single Cigarette contains over 4,300 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.

74. Laughing at a Joke needs activity in five different areas of the brain at the same time.

75. The 110 Acre 'Snake island' in Sao Paulo has 4000 snakes which is one snake for every 6 square yards. It is one of the world's deadliest islands.

76. You get Red Eyes in pictures because your pupil is just a hole and the flash Reflects the blood in the black of your eyes.

77. High Atmospheric Pressure affects the bubbles in your coffee. If the bubbles are closer to the center, expect rain or stormy weather.

78. Over 90% of humans feel uncomfortable when TV Volume is not divisible by 2 or 5.

79. Your body is only 11 months old. Almost every cell in your body is replaced every 11 months, except for brain cells, which are replaced after 7 years.

80. The tallest known Dog who measured 43 inches tall.

81. If you pour cold water into a person's ear, their eyes will move in direction of the opposite ear, if you pour warm water into their ear, their eyes will 
move towards that ear. This is used to test for brain damage and is called Caloric Stimulations.

82. Tiger population in India has doubled in the last dozen years, up from 1411 in 2006 to 3000 this year. India is now home to 70% of tigers in the world.

83. According to Quantum Mechanics, reality does not exit when you are not looking at it. It means the universe may not exists if there was no one born to observe it.

84. Aluminum foil really can improve your Wi-Fi speed.

85. If you sell every organ and chemical in a human body, you would make around 45 million dollar.

86. At top speed a Bugatti Veyron will empty its 26 gallon tank in just 12 minutes.

87. Have you Felt your Phone Vibrate But looked at it and nothing was on it ? It's actually a syndrome called Phantom Vibration Syndrome.

88. The Video Game industry makes more revenue than the film and music industry combined.

89. As global temperatures rise, flowers are emitting less scent.

90. Siri was supposed to be for Android and Blackberry phones. Then Apple bought Siri.Inc in 2010.

91. It costs less than a Dollar's worth of electricity to charge your Phone all year.

92. In six hours, the world's Deserts receive more energy from the sun than Humans consume in a year.

93.The youngest soldier to serve during WW1 was only 8 years old.

94. The statue of Liberty  is estimated to be hit by 600 bolts of lightning every year.

95. The Baobab tree can store up to 32000 gallons of water in its trunk.

96. Owls make almost No Noise when flying, even when tested in a room with multiple microphones.

97. The world's smallest Periodic Table is etched into a human hair. Each symbol measures about 4 millionths of a meter across.

98. Replace the "En" in a Wikipedia link with "simple" You will get a Less complex version of the page.

99. Coffee loses caffeine as it's roasted, so a dark, bold cup of coffee actually has less Caffeine than a lighter roast.

100. The Nicobar Pigeon is the closest living relative to the extinct Dodo Bird

Drop your comment below which Random fact made you say "OMG" !!

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