10 New Year Resolution Ideas For 2020 That Actually Works

New Year is coming and you are thinking about New Year Resolutions that will improve your overall personality. But every year you make tons of New Year resolutions but ends up doing nothing then this post is only for you.
So here are 10 New Year resolution Ideas that actually works. Keep Scrolling!! 

1. Follow New Year Resolution

Yes you heard it right, your first new year resolution should be " I will follow my New Year Resolution ".

Do you know 92% people actually don't follow their New Year Resolution and rest 7% people follow their New Year Resolution upto 15 January.

So what should you do to follow your New Year Resolution?

Try to make a New Year Resolution that you can actually follow.
For example:
  • I will start exercising from tomorrow and will reduce 7 Kg in one month.
Now you went to Gym with full Josh (spirit) and ends up loosing only 3 Kg and you start feeling Demotivated that

"Oh god I worked my ass off in gym and still reduced only 3 Kg "

That's a very wrong perception instead you have to say:

" Thanks God I reduced 3 Kg in just one month, if I continue with same momentum then I can reduce 36 Kg weight in a year ".

Change your perception and things will automatically change.
" Make a New Year Resolution that will bring a Revolution "


2. Wake Up In Early Morning

This New Year Resolution may sound weird to some people because it's a biggest nightmare for them.
Let's speak scientifically, Many people can't wake up early in morning because their body clock is not calibrated that way.

Why should I wake up early in Morning ?

Those who do not have any goal in their life, sleeps till late because they don't have any fix pattern to sleep, eat and study. Suppose you wake up at 8:00 AM and let's say your friend wake up at 6:00 AM. Now can you imagine he will get 730 more hours to work that is equivalent to 30 days. Have you ever met any successful person who said " I sleep 10 hours a day and still I became successful without any special effort ".

Do you feel hard to sleep early at night?

If yes then your body clock is not calibrated. So how can you calibrate your body so that you can follow your New Year Resolution.
  • Avoid Mobile phone before going to sleep.
  • Think about your goals before going to sleep, if you still sleep till late morning then this article is not for you.
  • Set up alarm and keep it away from your reach so that you have to wake up from bed to off the alarm.
  • Drink more water before going to sleep. You know what I mean.
These four basic steps will definitely help you to follow your New Year Resolution.


3. Improve Communication Skills

This is one of the most important New Year Resolution that many people neglect.

Do you know 90% people judge you on the of basis three factors:
  • How do you speak.
  • How do you look.
  • How do you Dress.
You can improve your dressing sense and looks easily but developing " Speaking Skills " takes time. It's a skill that can influence people easily.

Do you listen YouTubers and start believing on them?

That's why they are called Influencer and that's why major brands sponsor them because they have ability to win people just through their communication skills.

How can you develop communication skills ?

Here are few tips that will make your communication skills and New Year Resolution strong:
  • Talk to yourself everyday.
  • Listen to top podcasts.
  • Read Read Read.
  • Keeps a natural smile while taking.
  • Participate in lots of extra co-circular activities.
  • Develop a habit of writing on Quora.

4. Start Reading Books

" Your Friends can leave you but not your Books "
Reading is a very good habit that you can add it in your New Year Resolution. Reading ' Self Help ' books can improve your Subconscious thinking and a real mature person will come out from you.

What are the benefits of reading Books ?

  • You will start seeing world in a different way.
  • You will feel importance of your life.
  • Your will see people around you that are frustrated, angry, cursing their life but you will feel these problems are not meant to you.
  • You will always have a big smile on your face as your thinking level will be 200% more than others.
" I don't like reading books how can I develop this habit and add it in my New Year Resolution "?

Don't worry here are few steps that you can follow:
  • Choose books of your interest. There is no meaning of forcefully reading a book in which you don't have any interest, you will surely left it after reading 2-3 pages.
  • Don't try to complete a book in a day instead read only one page a day.
  • Books need not to be physical, you can read PDFs too.
  • Remove all second thoughts coming in your mind while reading, just focus on reading.

5. Start Working On Your Hobby 

Oh come on don't say that you don't have any hobby. Everyone has at least one hobby that he loves to do.

Hobby is anything that you love, it may be Cooking, Gardening, Blogging, Reading,etc. Adding hobbies to your New Year Resolution will improve your soft skills.
For example:
  • If your hobby is cooking then we guarantee nobody can cook better than you but the fact is, you don't invest your time in it.
Scientifically speaking, if you do anything for 10,000 hours, you can master the whole world. But the real question is

How to continue your hobbies in such hectic schedule of study, work and deadlines ?

Don't worry here are few tips:
  • Make it a habit. Follow it just for 21 days regularly and congratulation you made it your habit.
  • Join people who have same interest.
  • Enjoy what are you doing without a second thought.
  • Understand why it is important for your personality.


6. Socialize More

Now this can be a nightmare for Introverts but believe us adding this to your New Year Resolution will help you to boost confidence and help you to improve point number 3.

In social gatherings
  • You will meet new people.
  • You will share ideas.
  • You will laugh.
  • You will get to know others behavior towards you.
  • You will build more links. 
Feel how much positive vibes you will have around you and your introvertness will say " am I Joke to you "  and you will see a new extrovert person coming out from you.
*But remember don't overdo this, as it may lead to unnecessary distractions and wastage of time.


7. Start Traveling

Don't say you are the busiest person on earth, traveling is something that you have to add in your New Year Resolution list.

Traveling and spending some time with nature will help you to-
  • Energizes your body.
  • Improve peace of mind.
  • Improve your creative thoughts.
  • Create life time memories.
Just imagine your visit to a hill station:
  • Fresh air is blowing, Birds are chirping, Rivers are flowing and they sound awesome, Snow fall is going on and you are sipping your coffee sitting in tent. 
 Now just imagine your visit to office:
  • You wake up in morning, went to office in same jam packed metro or bus. Enter in your office and what you see is your boss face. Decide it yourself which one is more better.
We will suggest you to at least visit a new place every month, you will automatically feel change in your body.

Best places to visit in India are as follows:

  • Kashmir- For its natural beauty.
  • Leh-Ladakh- For its thrilling trekking options.
  • Agra- For 7th wonder TAJ MAHAL.
  • Varanasi- For its spiritual presence. 

8. Spend Less Time Online

Getting touch with your friends on Facebook, Instargram, Snapchat, etc and scrolling though your feed until "You're All Caught Up" is shown is nothing but addiction.

Spending time online is not a bad thing but spending too much time online is bad for you. When you open your phone, your fingers automatically open social media applications then it's a wake call for you.

There are many side effects of excessive use of social media:

  • FOMO (Fear of missing out).
  • Cyberbullying- Unnecessary hate and negativity on topics like politics.
  • Comparing yourself with others on the basis of likes and comments.
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns.

How you can reduce time on social media to make your New Year Resolution workable:

  • Mute all unnecessary social media app notifications.
  • Follow point number 5 rigorously.
  • Make it a reward system.
  • Install apps like YourHour to track your Phone usage.

9. Laugh Everyday

Now this is what you have to add in your New Year Resolution. You have heard "Laughing is the best medicine".

Do you know "Laughing is good for heart and can increase blood flow by 20% "

How can you laugh more?

  • Watch stand-up comedy while traveling or in free time.
  • Always keep smiling irrespective of situation.
  • Make funny and jolly friends and avoid toxic and negative friends.
  • Laugh at yourself. 

10. Surround Yourself With People Who Inspires You

Last but not least, surround yourself with people who inspires you and leave all toxic friends. This New Year Resolution will help you to uncover your hidden potential..

Real friends call you out on your bullshit and support you when you are doing something right. This is probably the best sign to diagnose your bond. They are supposed to know you better than anyone else.

How to find these people ?

  • Follow point number 6.
  • Meet people whose goals are similar to you.
  • Share your views with them and takes advices. 

These are best New Year Resolutions for 2020 that actually works. This 2020 will be best for you in which you will learn, grow and spread smiles on faces. Share this article with your Family and Friends that you care the most.

Till then SMILE :) :)

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