Can you answer these tricky science riddles?

Here are 10 Science riddles that will make you scratch your head. We bet you can't answer more than 5 Science riddles. So here we go!!

Match your answers from below!!


# Question 1

You have to pour Milk and Water in a barrel in such way that they should not mix. How will you do that??

# Question 2

science riddles

You are given two identical metal balls in terms of diameter and mass. However, One is solid ball and another ball is hollow from inside. Can you distinguish between solid and hollow ball without knocking them??

# Question 3

If John killed Density X Volume then Who is John??

# Question 4

science riddles

John was going to bleach his socks as they got muddy. He poured bleach in the washing machine and some spilled on the floor. He got a cleaning fluid and mopped the bleach on the floor. After some time, John was dead. Why??

# Question 5

Two man went into a bar. One man orders H2O and the other says, I will have H2O too. The second man dies. Why??

# Question 6

A feather, Iron brick and Gold brick are dropped from same height in vacuum. Which reach bottom earlier??

# Question 7

Identify me

I am a god

I am a planet

I am a measure of heat.

Who I am??

# Question 8

You are lying on the beach and finished you beer bottle. You friend closed it with a cork. You can see a metal ring inside the bottle that has been suspended by a string. How can you drop the metal ring in the bottle without touching bottle or cork??

# Question 9

science riddles

A famous chemist murdered in his lab and he left a note "76-20-44 79-16-22-7" written on it. Chemist's five assistant is under suspicion of killing the chemist named : Austin, Terry, Cole, Hazard, Oscaru, and Drogba.
Who are the murders??

 # Question 10 

Name a country starting from letter "D" then name an animal from the last letter of that country then name a color from last letter of that animal. Match your answer from below!!

Answer Key

 # Answer 1

 -> Pour the water in the barrel.
 -> Freeze it.
 -> Pour the milk in the barrel.

 # Answer 2

Just release the ball from the top of an inclined surface and the one that reaches bottom earlier will be the solid ball.


The solid ball has a smaller moment of inertia and hence less mechanical energy is spent on rotating the ball and therefore it will reach earlier.

 # Answer 3

John is a "Mass Murder"


Density X Volume = Mass

 # Answer 4

When you mix bleach and ammonia [found in most cleaning products] it creates a deadly gas that can kill.

 # Answer 5

 H202 (Hydrogen peroxide) which is harmful and can cause death.

 # Answer 6

 All will reach bottom at same time.

 # Answer 7


 # Answer 8

Yes there is a way considering if you can find a magnifying glass. Using the bright sun rays, you can then burn away the string allowing the ring to fall down on the bottom of the bottle.

 # Answer 9

 Oscaru and Austin.


The Chemist hide the name using periodic table as shown in below picture
76-20-44 => Os(76) + Ca(20) + Ru(44)
79-16-22-7=> Au(79) + S(16) + Ti(22) + N(7)

# Answer 10

Country: Denmark

Animal: Kangaroo

Color: Orange

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