What if you dive into a tornado?

Have you ever think that what happens if you dive directly into a tornado.

What if you hit by a tornado

Your brother will not let you die!

Let's assume that you have dive into a tornado..
  • You will immediately be blown up to the height of 1500m, yes some tornados rise to 1500m.
  • The pressure inside the tornado will decrease at a very fast rate and your lungs will not able to breathe and you will immediately die due to suffocation.
  • Okay, I am your friend, I will bring an oxygen cylinder and not let you die but..but..the speed of rotation of a tornado will go up to 800m per hour and, surely, you will be hit by other objects like cars, stones, wood, etc.
  • Okay if you did very good karma in your life then let us assume you will not be hit by other objects and tornado also get vanished then you will fall from the height of 1500m(1.5km) and you will be shattered into pieces.
  • But your brother will not let you die I will put a pillow on the ground and save you!!
Congratulate me I just saved you from the tornado :-):-)

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