Why we blink our eyes?

Do you ever wonder why we blink our eyes without noticing it? By the time you read these two lines, you blinked your eyes :-)
But why??

why do we blink our eyes

Why this happens?

As children, you have played a game with your friends to stare in each other eyes without blinking but your eyes soon start burning and water starts flowing, but why?? Because blinking provides lubrication and removes dust particles from your eyes. Each time you blink your eyelids secrets lubricative chemical in your eyes which provides nourishment and helps your eyes stop being dry.

Why don't you see darkness while blinking?

Your brain is smarter then you, it trains itself to ignore the darkness. On average a person blinks eyes in every 10 seconds and you don't have to tell your brain that "okay now blink" it happens automatically by your subconscious mind so as it ignores the darkness come in your eyes for just 450 milliseconds of just like it ignores your nose despite the fact it is present in the visible area of your eyes.

Happy blinking!!

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