Most expensive thing in the world

You will guess it is a car, house or a phone but the correct answer is ANTIMATTER.

What is Antimatter?

If you're a science student then you know that every thing in the world is made up of matter and matter is made up of very tiny particles called atoms.
An atom contains a nucleus having protons and neutrons and electrons revolve around it.
PROTON- Positively charged
NEUTRON- Neutral

ELECTRON- Negatively charged

Nothing new in it, but do you know Antimatter have just opposite properties in

PROTON- Negatively charged

NEUTRON- Neutral

ELECTRON- Positively charged


Matter and Antimatter

Cost of Antimatter

It's $62.5 trillions dollar per milligram (mg). This makes it most expensive thing in the world.

Uses of Antimatter

  • To treat cancer.
  • To produce large amount of energy.
  • For research purpose.


Matter+Antimatter= Large amount of energy release.

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