What if you live 1000 years?

Did you ever think that what happens if you live for 1000 years? So let's assume god gives you the power to live 1000 years then how your body will react to this situation.

What if you live 1000 years

Your hair

Your hairs will grow about the height of 10 statues of liberty just in 300 years. So in 1000 years, your hair will grow the height of about 30 statues of Liberty. You will have to pay more for your barber.

Your skin

Your skin will increase up to 230 kg in 1000 years which can easily cover 2 football grounds.

Your height

Scientists believe that the height of human keeps on increasing so your height will be equal to a 3 story building. Imagine how tall would you look!!

Your bones

Due to regular wear and tear your bones and joints will become so weak that when you press anything from your finger then your finger will shatter into pieces. But don't worry you can replace your body parts to the artificial one as technology will be so advance but wait your brain can't be replaced, so what will happen to it.

Your brain

Your brain is capable to store 2.3 PB data which is equivalent to 3 lakh photos and your brain will not able to hold more data in 1000 years. You will not able to remember even your face and slowly all your brain memory will vanish. Believe me, you will become a zombie.

Your end

Finally, after wasting the resources of the earth for 1000 years you will die and your death will be horrible.

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