Why our skin shrinks in water?

We all experienced it once in our lifetime that when we put our fingers or feet in water then our skin gets shrink in water but have you questions yourself why this happens??


Before 1930s scientists believed that our skin absorbs the water like a raisin and get puffy but this was found wrong because later scientists discovered that people having dead nerve cells in the skin do not experience puffy skin even they have the same skin as other people have, the reason was something different but what was the actual reason??

Skin shrinks in water

Why this happens so?

Scientists later found that our skin has a layering of chemicals called sebum which helps our skin to get rid of water. You also see that when you wash your hands then water quickly gets away from them, this happens because of sebum. When you put your hands in water for a long time them sebum washes away from your skin and activates an autonomic nervous system reaction which causes your skin puffy.

Why it is common?

It's very common because our body reacts to it at the same level. Puffy skin on fingers gives a better grip compared to plain skin. So our body does so to provide us better grip in the water, isn't it great!

Can you stop it?

No, you can't!

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