Milk become tasteless after eating sweets

Even wonder why you feel Milk or Tea tasteless after eating ladoo or chocolate. This is all game of your mind nothing else. Let's do an experiment dip your hand in hot water and then dip it into normal water. What did you feel?? You feel water as chilled and cold but actually water is normal.

Same happens when you eat ladoo(take it as hot water) which is extremely sweeter and it sends a message to your brain i.e


sweet,sweet, sweet...... and when you drink milk (take it as normal water)  just after then it tastes plain and tasteless because it is less sweeter than ladoo and your brain consider it another sweet thing and does not respond to it..but wait??

Add salt to milk and then drink it,you can immediately feel it's sour because it send a opposite and different message to your brain and your brain immediately responds to it...

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